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  • Secondary market
  • Dematerialized registers
  • Digital signature for contracts
  • Formalities Managment

Secondary market

Secondary market

The G&T Equity plateforme offer a Maketplace which presents the listed companies and reference the shares offers.

It's enable users to put on sale or to acquire shares of registred companies.

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Dematerialized registers

Dematerialized registers

Movment registrer and capitalization table are updated in real time at each equity movment.

They are accessible from the dedicated portal and replace the historical registres held at the company headquarter.

Digital signature for contracts

Digital signature for contracts

Fund and Equity transfer is managed by the application. All the legal documents are generated and signed online in order to insure delivery versus payment weather the counterpart has bees met on the platform or not.

It is possible to use a standard contract or a specific one drafted with your legal partner.

Formalities Managment

Formalities Managment

Thanks to differents homologations and partnership, G&T Equity is able to process registration to the Tax department and Greffe for company and it's shareholders.

Approval terms, invitation to general assembly and signature of documents are also available thanks to digital signature.

Collection of investment intentions

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Technology solution

Ethereum wallet

Personal data

Investor Interface

Equity token

Status / Equity administration

Company interface

Smart contract

Electronic signature

Contracts / Administrative documents



The dematerialization of the company's shares is invoiced on the basis of an estimate, established after studying the composition of the shareholding. As an example, the registration fees amount to 2 000€ HT for a S.A.S composed of less than 5 shareholders.


Transaction fees are applied to the sale of securities. The fixed amount of 1% covers all G&T Equity services as well as registration fees.